10 reasons to holiday in a campervan

  1. Original! With the Vintage Camper Van, you will be travelling in style.

  2. Compact! Volkswagen campervans (as opposed to large campervans) can just as easily be parked in busy cities as in wide open nature.

  3. Complete! The campervan is completely fitted to accommodate four people.

  4. No tent! You love the charm of camping but you prefer to skip having to set up the tent and blow up the air beds.

  5. Comfortable! Even in the early and late season, when the nights get chilly.

  6. Adventure! Being on the road is your destination, let faith decide where you sleep tonight.

  7. Flexible! When a destination isn’t everything you’d hoped for, you can make a quick escape. If you enjoy the atmosphere, you can easily stick around a bit longer.

  8. Cosy! You will always stay entertained, even when it rains, because in the campervan it’s always warm and dry.

  9. Save! A campervan is your transport and accommodation in one. And you can cook your own meals. You will have a fridge/cooler and two gas burners.

  10. Reliable! Volkswagen campervans are known for their sturdiness and reliability.


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